when someone hates me for no reason

sometimes i just sit down and really think why am i not watching jimmy neutron right now

As long as Google shows the Great Gatsby novel page before the movie page I’m ok.

  • Me: Lola, don't ever fall in love.
  • Me: Only be yourself for him.
  • Me: Or her.
  • Me: I am completely accepting of whatever your sexuality may be.
  • Me: In this house, we love everyone.
  • Me: We love the straights, the gays, the pansexuals, everyone.
  • Me: You got that, Lola?
  • Lola: *wags her tail and begs for food*

I told my therapist about my relationship with the guy I like and she recommended this book:

30 Day Challenge

Day 9 - Pet peeves

Knuckle cracking

People who interrupt me or other people


Guys I really love puns.

Like I’m obsessed with them.

Can you guys message me puns and I’ll post them and laugh my ass off and message you that I love you so much.


30 Day Challenge

Day 3 - Your day, in great detail

Welllll, I had such an awesome day. So at my school on Wednesdays we have block periods which means periods 2, 4, and 6 are all 90 minutes long and are the only classes you have. We also have BRIDGES which is a 45 minute gathering with food with different people with different grades. And school ends at 2:05 instead of 3.

So like I woke up at 5 am to straighten my hair and went back to sleep at 5:30 and woke up at 7:35, which is an hour late and 25 minutes until school starts. And so then my dad drived me to school because I sprained my ankle on Monday. So at school I kind of just hung around with Allison and Lily and other Lily and it was pretty cool until class started. I went to my first period by accident and then I went to my math class where my really strict teacher was. And immediately I’m like oh crap this day is gonna suck because this guy is a hard ass and I sit next to this bitchy popular girl who ignores me and whispers death threats to me pretty much under her breath. But her best friend likes me, so whenever she comes to our table she’s really nice. And my friends weren’t there because it’s a freakin Jewish holiday. And then I got one of the hardest problems right so fast because my dad taught it to me and my teacher was impressed and was like wow this girl is actually worth something. And then we went to BRIDGES and that’s pretty cool, lots of junk food and I just kind of talked to the girl who sits next to me and walked around the hallways a bit. And then in fourth period, we talked about our color personality and then we analyzed Gilgamesh and I love this teacher the most because he’s just really commited about this class and he doesn’t give us bullshit homework and he’s really smart. And so then this teacher just doesn’t give us real homework and it’s really awesome and like he’s the kind of teacher that just teaches you about life in general and he doesn’t need to give homework to teach us, he’s that awesome. And then like with 45 minutes left in class he’s just like okay you guys go take a break like, get a coffee or something. So me and my friend walked to the cafeteria and I bought us a latte for her and a mocha for me and it was fun and the coffee was good and I spent the rest of the period writing lyrics in sharpie on my coffee cup and taking notes and it was fun. And then lunch came and I hung out with Lily and Kitty and Harrison in the lunch line and it was really fun we listened to Cell Block Tango on my phone and talked about Drama and our characters because we had to comeĀ up with characters and do interviews as them for homework. And they’re just really cool people, like I’m close friends with them all. And I got a chicken caesar salad and a Diet Snapple Tea and then ate lunch with Lily and Fiona and Chela and I talked to my friends’ sisters and my sister and it was great. I even found out this guy I know that’s really nice asked out the girl he likes to homecoming even though we thought she’d say no and SHE SAID YES. And then I ran to the library to print out my questions for Drama and we played drama games and did interviews as our characters and mine was a pessimistic 15 year old girl who’s really into music who lives in New York and it was a lot of fun. I talked to Harrison and Lily and Hannah and Nikki the whole class and then I walked with Harrison after class and we talked about our characters and then I saw Audrey outside while I waited for my dad to pick me up and we talked about Homecoming and she really likes my dress and she showed me her new shoes. And then my dad picked me up BUT IT WASN’T MY DAD IT WAS MY MOM and she came back from Dubai and I thought she was coming tomorrow so that was a nice surprise. And then I went home and went online and fell asleep and slept through my tutoring session (oops) which is pretty great and then went out to dinner with my family to Thai and it was awesome and now I’m here.


So I kinda had one of the best days ever

Confession #72

I kind of maybe feel like hugging you all the time.