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Everybody should go tell my friend Megan that she’s beautiful. Because she is and she deserves to hear it more.


Thank you guys, so much! I’ll be making a video to celebrate soon.

Send me asks for ideas!

A. Last thing I ate

B. Last thing I drank

C. Relative I’m closest with

D. Best friend

E. Person I go to when I’m upset

F. Cat person, dog person, or ___?

G. Story behind your name

H. Celebrity crush

I. Real crush

J. Ever fall in love?

K. Last relationship

L. Last person I had a deep, meaningful conversation with

M. Instruments I play

N. Languages I speak

O. What I want to do in life

P. Someone important to me that died

Q. Favorite TV show

R. Favorite band

S. Favorite fictional character


W. Embarassing story

X. Longest friend

Y. Person I’ll never get sick of

Z. Siblings

Hey guys, I’m not going to be around much on this blog since I just opened up a new blog that’s all bands and I’m getting started on it. If you want to follow that one too, message me and I’ll give you the url.

When You Have Leftover Food At A Restaraunt

  • What Normal People Say: Oh cool, I'll eat it for lunch tomorrow.
  • What I Say: Oh cool, I'll eat it at one am when I'm on tumblr.

Everyone in Real Life < Everyone on Tumblr

Any music recommendations?

Opening a new tab, just to type in tumblr again.


Send me a number, and I'll fill these in...

  • 1. One question you could ask anybody, dead or alive:
  • 2. Two of your closest friends' names:
  • 3. Three reasons why people should follow you on tumblr:
  • 4. Four things you love about your parents:
  • 5. Five people you miss:
  • 6. Six things you would never give up:
  • 7. Seven things you look for in a girl/guy:
  • 8. Eight of your favorite songs:
  • 9. Nine of your favorite movies:
  • 10. Ten random facts about you: